An Exclusive content of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya by simbuworld:[Updated:12.01.10-11.p.m]

Simbuworld presents you again with all the best of us .It happens that we may be silent for a time being and now we are happy to announce that
the audio launch went on so nicely.Yss’s very own brother and sister were enjoying the function with great ecstasy .Padmashree Kamal Hassan attended the function with his familyand he is still wondered about simbu that he is acting from his childhood as his own style.

     AR Rahman thanked Director Gautham for his interest on music especially Gautham sir was the happiest man of the event he called his son to receive the audio cassette from Mr.Kamal Hassan.
Sonia Agarwal and Radhika attended the function too.K.S.Ravi Kumar was staged on to receive the cassette.Unplugged choir was played for all the seven songsand 3 songs were visualised namely Ho sana , Omana penne and Kannukul Kannai.The interesting part here is that Kalaigner tv has got the rights to release the film and the film is releasing in february of 2010 Simbuworld members were all present at the event with their president Mr.T.Vasu and here is the exclusive content we said about

 click here for the whole pack… cheers

A look back to Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya.

VTV the film ..
The talk topic about this film was started
when our own simbu was a little super star
and when he was 25. Exactly on his birthday
on 3rd of february 2009 the film started to
take off its journey and now its time to
land it…The release of this film is
by february 2010.. Gautham sir has picturised
the film in a fantastic way ..
The audio has also launched already.
And for this Year’s party (Simbu’s Birthday)
Its the gift of VTV team to the fanatics.
Sure it will entertain us and be the best
gift of all magi’s..

The press people who attended the audio launch
personally called up simbu and praised him for
his uniqueness in acting.. and they dint expected
that the song visuals would be so nice…and they
were all happy about VTV.