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STR injured at the set vaanam

STR Silambarasan , has injured himself in Chennai where they were shooting for Vaanam.
It happened when STR who was supposed to drive the bike fitted witha Camera in front of it lost the balance and sled to one side making ithard for STR to control the bike crashing him down with full force.
It incident took place in a busy road and the entire crew where shocked for a moment, as the shot was taken in live traffic.
STR with his quick presence of mind crawled to the pedestrian, avoidingthe car that was racing behind him. He has injured his legs and handsand was treated for bruises and cut wounds.
Later STR was driven back home and asked to take rest. Hearing ontheir Hero who was injured, Fans thronged his house at Tnagar which ledto few drastic scenes, when STR came out and conveyed the message thathe his doing better and he his tired and he needs to take rest. HearingSTR’s voice and him physically speaking the Fans wished him a speedyrecovery and went back home.
The Doctor has advised to take rest for 4 – 5 days, which will indeed harp the shooting of Vaanam.