Happy Birthday Thala – Simbuworld Team

 Whole Simbuworld Team Wishing a very Beautiful Happy Birthday to ULTIMATE STAR “Ajith Kumar”.


Vettaimannan Str as Krishna

The first look of thalaivan STR forthcoming  film ‘Vettai Mannan’.
Produced by Nic Arts SS Chakkravarthy, the film is helmed by Nelson.
The Shooting of Vettaimannan is in Process.
Here is the Name of the Characters are STR as Krishna, JAI as Karthik
and SANTHANAM as Vijay.

STR makes tears his fans

It was celebrities in all the four directions near four framesyesterday!They had come to watch the special preview of Vaanam.Alongwith family of STR ,the crowd included the Chennai 28 group of PremjiVenkat prabhu Aravindh Akash Pia Bhajpai.
 The poda podi group consisting Vignesh shiva Varalakshmi Sarathkumar Dharan Kumar and others like Satish Divyadharshini

Vettai Mannan’s Director Nelson along with his friends  also camefor the preview. It should be said for a preview the noise made forsimbu’s name on the screen was superb. And for every santhanam’s sleezyoneliner we could see premji shouting and clapping proving thecohesiveness of artisits of tamil cinema.
We could see a lot of girs cheering for evandi unna pethan songwhich is literally a treat to eyes with simbu’s expressions! During theintreval many already wished STR that this film will be the best in hiscareer but after the second half and the climax not many could not seeSTR properly as the tears masked their vision!. But the thing was evenSTR cried after climax..
But the reason for his tears should be different , for all theproblems he has faced over the days this response should make him feelreally happy and he comprehended it with tears..

Thalaivan STR spain bound

Thalaivan STR ‘Vaanam’ is ready to see day break. The filmhas a wider ensemble with Bharath, Anushka, Vega, Prakash Raj, SoniaAgarwal and Saranya in supporting roles. The film’s music is doing wellwith the youth, thanks to Yuvan’s peppy numbers. A couple of songs havebeen crooned by Simbu.
With his work completed in ‘Vaanam’ Str is nowconcentrating on ‘Podaa Podi’ which will be a romantic comedy. Thisfilm seems to be completely under the whims of Simbu and sees VigneshShiva in the director’s chair. The story too has been penned byVignesh. But simbu seems to have a special interest in this film and isgiving his hundred percent to this project say sources close to theactor.
The film sees Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, daughter ofSarath Kumar debuting as heroine with this film. The songs will betaken care of by Dharan. This film too will have a couple of songs withSTR voice to it. The music track has six song tracks with a song bysinger-actress Andrea, indicate sources. There is also anotherimportant aspect in this film. Director Gautham Menon will appear in acameo in ‘Podaa Podi.’ Looks like the friendship of Gautham and STRhas been carried forward even post their involvement in ‘VinnaithandiVaruvaya.’
With STR involvement the director will have noother go but to bend to the whims and fancies of the actor who also hassome knowledge in film making. The actor will be leaving to Spain todaywith the ‘Podaa Podi’ team. The film began shooting towards the end oflast year with a few portions with the lead stars shot in London.