Deeksha Seth joins STR

The Vettai Mannan crew was spotted shooting in Pattinapakkam quarters yesterday. Deeksha Seth joined them for a two day schedule. Jai, who is also a part of the film’s cast list, was present at the location. The buzz is that STR, Deeksha and Jai are presently shooting a talkie sequence for the film. We also hear that actor Jai has shaped up his physique to make himself look rough and tough.
The film being produced by NIC Arts, introduces Nelson as its director. The film also features Hansika Motwani and Poonam Kaur in lead roles. Cinematographer Sakthi handles the camera. Yuvan will score the music for the film.

Source : Behindwods


STR to croon for Siddharth?

It’s no longer news that Siddharth – Shruti Haasan – Hansika Motwani starrer Telugu flick ‘Oh My Friend’ is getting dubbed in Tamil and is releasing as ‘Sridhar’. The latest is that Siddharth has put his foot down and refused to dub for the movie!

The actor wrote on his microblogging page, “Guys there’s no way I’m going back to a dubbing theatre to dub a new language version of any of my older films. No way! Not now. Not ever”.
The makers are now left with no option other than finding a new voice for their hero.

There’s a track, ‘Sri Chaitanya…’ in this film that’s crooned by the lead, Siddharth and Shruti Haasan. Multi-faceted Silambarasan aka STR has been reportedly approached to sing this song in the Tamil version!

The actor is yet to give his nod for the number that’s composed by late Anil R. Other songs are composed by Rahulraj.

Source : Indiaglitz

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STR to Tie the Knot

Though he is yet to zero in on his girl, Kollywood’s most eligible bachelor says he will be getting hitched next year

Looks like the romantic hero on-screen has finally succumbed to commitment in real life! Simbu created a stir on Sunday when he let the world know he was getting hitched. So, who’s the girl? “I’m yet to find her but I have agreed to get married in 2013. My mom has asked me to let her know if I like someone, else she will choose a bride for me,” he says.
But, right now, he himself is not sure if he will find that someone special soon. “I do know one thing — she has to very, very pretty because I want cute kids,” he laughs.
Ask him if he has his sights on any actress and he says, “As of now, no.”
As for when he was in love last he says, “It’s been six years since I was in a relationship. I was in love in 2009 but it was one-sided. I’ve had enough fun and traveled all over the world and done everything I wanted to. I have no regrets today but marriage does scare me. I love kids and I want to settle down and have kids now.”
Guess the time spent in the US with his baby nephew has turned this hero into a doting wannabe dad!

Source : Chennai Times [March 19, 2012]

STR : I Want to Get Married

The Loosu Penne star believes he is ready for marriage and wants to be married next year

He’s been called controversy’s favourite child and has been dubbed a ‘Casanova’. But Simbu is all ready to shed that dubious image and embrace marriage and parenthood too! “I want to be married next year,” he says in no uncertain terms. “I really want to be a father. I absolutely love children and this is my biggest motivation for marriage,” he grins. 
“When I am around children I forget everything.
I absolutely enjoy spending time with them. In the US I spent tons of time with my cousin’s child and even on the sets of Poda Podi I’m shooting with a kid. I want to have children and spoil them. My wife needn’t even take care of them and can leave everything to me. I am happy to be a doting husband and father and run the home too,” he laughs.
What else could a girl ask for? Apparently
more. “I don’t want my wife to be running around bringing me coffee or keeping home for me. I want her to share my wavelength, be a great friend and a wonderful support. I want to learn from her and not have to `teach’ her,“ he smiles. Now that the actor has avowed to be married next year, what will it be -arranged or love marriage? He says candidly, “It doesn’t matter if it is arranged or I bring a girl a home. My parents are very cool and will be all right with any girl I bring home. But I need to fall in love in the next one year. I am looking for a woman and not just a girl. I want her to be mature and have a mind of her own.“ But Simbu’s mum is taking no such chances. The actor’s mother has been looking for a bride for her superstar son for quite a while now and has certainly received numerous proposals for her boy.
“I think with my declaration to be married next year, I’ve made my parents’ job much easier,” he jokes.
The Young Turk certainly seems to be in a good place now, what with the success of Osthe and the release of Poda Podi in the offing. “I cannot be more ready for marriage. I have had my share of relationships and have been single for a while. So there is no anxiety over losing this glorious `single’ status. I am looking forward to making a commitment,“ he says. The actor’s willingness is sure to break a few hearts but it looks like his wedding day will be one grand affair. “I would have loved to have a small intimate affair, but I don’t think I can disappoint my fans. It will be a grand affair with all my friends from the industry and fans too.“ We can’t wait Simbu!

Source : Deccan chronicle [March 19, 2012]

Vettai Mannan Shooting Spot

Here Some of the Photos taken in Vettai Mannan Shooting Spot.

Vettai Mannan is an upcoming Tamil action film written and directed by debutante director Nelson. The film will feature Str, Jai, Hansika Motwani, Deeksha Seth and Poonam Kaur Starring lead roles. It is produced by S.S.Chakravarthy and features background score and soundtrack composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film is expected to be made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi simultaneously, while casting is still undergoing, with the film expected to release in this year.