Student’s power can bring a change: Simbu

Recently Silambarasan made his presence felt at the protest event against Srilanka, organised by city students.

Simbu, who turned up dressed in simple white casual shirt and khaki trouser, was immensely impressed with the efforts put by students to host such an eye-opening protest. He is of opinion that students, who are generally associated with strikes and fights, with this campaign proved that they are also capable of doing constructive activity. “I’m very happy to be part of this campaign organised by these students. I really appreciate to see these young people come together to support such a cause,” said Simbu.

Simbu stated that he supports only those events which he thoroughly believes in, and that’s the reason why he is there on the protest spot, “I have not come here as a celebrity or as an actor; but only to take part as a common man; as a Tamilian. My father, who kept my name as Silambarasan, had been part of several campaigns that supports Tamil causes.”

Noticing that there is a Telugu girl in the protest group, Simbu remarked that when she can support for a Tamil campaign, why we as a Tamilian can’t be a part of the protest.

STR also highlighted the power of students and how it can make a great difference in society. Going by the saying that drop by drop will make a huge ocean; he stated that no matter how small the efforts are, it will gradually grow over to make a big change.

Acknowledging the hardships face by Tamilians in Sri Lanka, the actor signed off saying that he strongly believes that they will surely get a good solution to solve their miseries.

Original Source :- Indiaglitz


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