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Str’s Spiritual Trysts


Looks like actor Silambarasan is in his spirituality zone more often nowadays. The actor, who tasted success as a child star and managed to give the same impetus to his career even as he graduated to adult roles, is now pursuing his spiritual quests. 

Simbu is said to have managed to take some time off from his busy schedule while shooting for his latest project lnga Enna Solludhu, to go on a pilgrimage to Haridwar.

 When asked about his sudden interest. Simbu said, “Yes, I am into spirituality and meditation; they help me mature. I am rediscovering myself and this self realisation would go a long way in shaping my inner self. I have been to Rishikesh and Haridwar to seek blessings and I am sure the breath of fresh air blended with spirituality will help me attain the goal I deserve. As far as I am concerned, spirituality is not restricted to visiting temples and holy places. It is the search of knowledge and that is true in my case as well.” 

Meanwhile. the actor has clarified that his much delayed projects Vaalu and Vettai Mannan will begin soon, following news on his micro-blogging page that said he had dropped both the projects.

Source – Indian Express (28th May,2013)

I Don’t Want To Take The Blame

Simbu announced on his micro-blogging page that he has dropped both his upcoming films Vaalu and Vettai Mannan, which have been in the making for a long time. Chennai Times spoke to the actor on the issue, and he said, “There is a general opinion that I’m always responsible for any delay in my projects.

But, this time, I didn’t want to take the blame because it was the producer, who was responsible for the delay. Both the films are being produced by the same person (S S Chakravarthy) and he was busy with other commitments. I didn’t get any update from his production house about resuming the shoots of these projects for a very long time. So, I had to announce that I’m putting these films on hold, though I was very much keen on completing them.” 

    Following Simbu’s tweet, we hear that the producer had contacted him and the two have sorted out the issue. “I will be shooting for Vaalu shortly. We have just nine days of shoot left. Shooting for Vettai Mannan, which is 50 per cent complete, will commence soon after that,” Simbu added.

Original Source from Times Of India

Ganesh Heads to Goa

Inge Enna Solluthu, which has VTV Ganesh and Meera Jasmine in the lead, is nearing completion with just a few scenes to be shot in Goa. The latest to join the crew is Simbu, who plays a pivotal role in the film. About Simbu’s role, director Selvaa says, “Simbu does not have a cameo. He has a prominent role as an architect and is more like a supporting character to the lead. We will now be heading to Goa to can his portions. We will wrap up with Simbu’s portion.” He adds, “VTV Ganesh has done well in the lead. The story dwells on different episodes in the life of a 45-year-old man.”

Source :- TOI

Heart copy STR

STR opens up to udhav naig on his upcoming films Vaalu and Vettai Mannan, his Love Anthem and being comfortable with his image.
In this day and age when celebrities hire PR firms to carefully carve out their image in the media, Silambarasan’s ‘headline-worthy’ answers, are still refreshing. I say this after spending 15 minutes interviewing him inside the cool comfort of the caravan in which Silambarasan, who prefers the tag ‘STR’ these days, calmly answers questions. What is that that makes people think he is a person who lacks respect for others? “I think the reason I am called arrogant is because I speak from my heart.”
The negative labels have been part of his journey in Kollywood, be it when he turned scriptwriter for Manmadhan at a young age or when he recently released a single titled Love Anthem for‘unity, love and humanity’. “When I wrote the script for Manmadhan I never thought age was an issue. I did it because I thought I could pull it off,” he says. The Love Anthem, however, garnered criticism on social networks and in certain sections of the press, he says. “Frankly, I was really surprised. They said I was doing it to compete with Dhanush who had released ‘Kolaveri’ at that time, while I was just trying to do an international track to spread the message of love. I couldn’t understand why people were comparing two different actors and personalities, in the first place!”
Does the constant bad press affect him? “When it happens over time it does begin to have its effects. I am no exception,” he says bluntly. There were encouraging signs of this negativity declining after his collaboration with filmmaker Gautam Vasudev Menon for Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. Silambarasan became a desirable lover boy overnight. “I can feel the way things have changed for the better,” smiles Simbu. “Films can change a lot of things.” The success of the film allowed him to rebrand himself as a modern and stylish hero. He followed it up with two un-Simbu-ish films such asVaanam (in which he shared screen space with other notable stars) and Poda Podi, which was slightly experimental, considering its primary target audience was the urban middle class.
His next couple of films, Vaalu and Vettai Mannan, which are being filmed at the moment, are what he calls “commercial films”. I ask him if he plays a college student, he says, “In Vaalu, I don’t play a college student but I fall in love with one, and Vettai Mannan is a gangster story that deals with themes of friendship and loyalty.” Does that mean Simbu is reverting to mass masala films? “I am a person who listens to my heart.”The actor also cites ‘listening to his heart’ as the reason he spontaneously decided to wish the students of Loyola College who protested against war crimes in Sri Lanka. “I didn’t call my friends or the press. I just went there without really thinking about the repercussions. I thought it was the right thing to do.” After making headlines by roping in international singer Akon, certain sections of the press said he would be collaborating with Rihanna. “I don’t know where these things come from! When I announced that I will rope in Akon for Love Anthem, everyone said it was impossible. Now, after I have made it happen, people are saying that I am going to work with Rihanna. I am looking to work with an international singer.
Source :- HINDU