Simbu And I Are Not Together – Haniska

Simbu’s dad T. Rajendhar’s response to a query about his son getting married to a girl of his choice has triggered fresh controversy . The actor/director/politician has apparently commented in a magazine that he will not stand in the way if his son Simbu romanced anybody, and was also fine with it being Hansika.

DC caught up with Hansika, the hot and happening star of Tamil films who is here in Chennai for the shooting of Biriyani. A peeved Hansika says, “Oh gosh! Time and again, I having to repeat that Simbhu and I are not together. I even clarified this news on my twitter page a few weeks ago that I have been hearing a lot of news about my link up.

All I can do is laugh it off because I love reading stuff about myself about which I myself don’t know. Let me clear the air: there is no truth to any of these rumours. When I start seeing someone, I will openly inform the media,“ she adds. “These rumours may have cropped up just because we are doing two films, Vaalu and Vettai Mannan. He is a friendly co-star but our relationship is strictly professional. There’s nothing beyond that,“ she adds. She says that she was not aware of any com ments reportedly made by T. Rajendhar.

The actress, who has shed about 11 kilos and looks gorgeous, says, “I realised that I would have to look trim and svelte if I were to continue my good work in the film industry . I am a vegetarian and was a foodie earlier. But now, I hardly eat and cut down mainly on high calorie food.
Apart from workouts, I swim every day and I think that has helped me shed a few kilos. I hope to maintain this figure into the coming years.“

Hansika is one person who is averse to keeping late hours. “I am a boring person and you may even call me anti-social. But I am not a party person and I need my proper sleep of eight hours a day .
Sleep is my only indulgence. Even my unit members used to pull my leg when we were shooting in the late evening hours. They would say, `Hansika m’am, it’s nearing 9, gear up for your sleep’!“ The 22-year-old, who has a huge fan base in K’town, says that her fans were upset about the sad end her character Sathya meets in Singam 2. “But they were appreciative of my meaty role and performance. The best part is that I haven’t watched Singam 2 yet.

Whenever I am in Chennai, I am shooting from 9 am to 9 pm. There’s hardly any time to go to the theatre. I will be coming to the city early next week.
This time around I have decided that by hook or by crook I should find time to go to the theatre and watch the film.

She is currently busy with Biriyani with Karthi, Maan Karate with Sivakarthikeyan, Vaalu and Vettai Mannan with Simbu and a Telugu film with Vishnu.The buzz is that a leading filmmaker has cast her to play opposite a big star, but Hansika refused to comment. “I don’t like to talk about a film before signing it,“ she says in parting.

Original Source from Deccan Chronicle (July 19,2013)


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