STR : I Want to Get Married

The Loosu Penne star believes he is ready for marriage and wants to be married next year

He’s been called controversy’s favourite child and has been dubbed a ‘Casanova’. But Simbu is all ready to shed that dubious image and embrace marriage and parenthood too! “I want to be married next year,” he says in no uncertain terms. “I really want to be a father. I absolutely love children and this is my biggest motivation for marriage,” he grins. 
“When I am around children I forget everything.
I absolutely enjoy spending time with them. In the US I spent tons of time with my cousin’s child and even on the sets of Poda Podi I’m shooting with a kid. I want to have children and spoil them. My wife needn’t even take care of them and can leave everything to me. I am happy to be a doting husband and father and run the home too,” he laughs.
What else could a girl ask for? Apparently
more. “I don’t want my wife to be running around bringing me coffee or keeping home for me. I want her to share my wavelength, be a great friend and a wonderful support. I want to learn from her and not have to `teach’ her,“ he smiles. Now that the actor has avowed to be married next year, what will it be -arranged or love marriage? He says candidly, “It doesn’t matter if it is arranged or I bring a girl a home. My parents are very cool and will be all right with any girl I bring home. But I need to fall in love in the next one year. I am looking for a woman and not just a girl. I want her to be mature and have a mind of her own.“ But Simbu’s mum is taking no such chances. The actor’s mother has been looking for a bride for her superstar son for quite a while now and has certainly received numerous proposals for her boy.
“I think with my declaration to be married next year, I’ve made my parents’ job much easier,” he jokes.
The Young Turk certainly seems to be in a good place now, what with the success of Osthe and the release of Poda Podi in the offing. “I cannot be more ready for marriage. I have had my share of relationships and have been single for a while. So there is no anxiety over losing this glorious `single’ status. I am looking forward to making a commitment,“ he says. The actor’s willingness is sure to break a few hearts but it looks like his wedding day will be one grand affair. “I would have loved to have a small intimate affair, but I don’t think I can disappoint my fans. It will be a grand affair with all my friends from the industry and fans too.“ We can’t wait Simbu!

Source : Deccan chronicle [March 19, 2012]