T R Answers

T Rajendar has lodged a counter complaint with the Chennai police after a film financier alleged that he and Silambarasan threatened to murder him. According to financier Ramamurthy, T Rajendar had availed a 59 crore loan from him but he returned only 28 crores and refused to give back the 31 crores.
When the financier asked him to return this 31 crores, both T Rajendar and Silambarasan threatened to kill him, Ramamurthy alleged.
Refuting this, T Rajendar in his complaint to the police today said that Ramamurthy is foisting a false case against him and his son STR. T Rajendar clarified that Ramamurthy distributed his Monisha En Monalisa film in the year 1999 on minimum guarantee basis. A case pertaining to the rift between them due to the losses incurred is still pending in the court, T Rajendar said. He added that a similar police case was filed by Ramamurthy during the previous AIADMK regime too and same thing is happening now.