vaanam music review


Starring: Str, Anushka, Bhaath, Vega, Santhanam Direction: KrishMusic: Yuvan Shankar RajaProduction: Cloud Nine Movies (Dhayanidhi Azhagiri)Vocals: Silambarasan, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Abhishek, Lawrence, Benny Dayal, Andrea, Srikanth DevaLyrics: Silambarasan, U1, Na. Muthukumar, Abhishek, Lawrence

Evandi Unna Pethan  
Vocals: Silambarasan, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Silambarasan, U1

Overpoweringly attractive is the simple verdict to mark ‘Evandi UnnaPethan’ for its electrifying beats and an excellent sound engineering.Silambarasan’s lyrical lines are catchy but he could have limitedhimself from certain lines. This track has become the favorite amongstyoungsters. The accompaniment by bass guitar adds more intensity to thesong. It’s a perfect song for the party animals.
Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This is the cherry-pick of the album as it establishes the soul ofthis film. Having worked on the song nearly for three months, YuvanShankar Raja has come up with a remarkable performance. Na. Muthukumarhas penned the song based on philosophical theme of ‘Where God is?Nowhere but in the hearts of those who repent for their sins’. Soundslike the song will appear during the crucial point of this film. Themild and beautiful chords played on guitar followed by distorted guitarheard during interludes embellish the song. ‘Vaanam’ is one of the bestcompositions of Yuvan Shankar Raja. The producers should have got thisnumber as single-track album as it would have gained more attractionfor the movie.
Cable Raja
Vocals: Abhishek, Lawrence
Lyrics: Abhishek, Lawrence

A mass number exclusively meant for STR fans. It sounds like anintroduction song for Silambarasan and it is reminiscent of YuvanShankar Raja’s yesteryear song ‘Variya’ (Pudhupettai).  The songincludes the titles of Simbhu’s previous and upcoming movies.
Who Am I  
Vocals: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Na. Muthukuma

Yuvan takes us for a ride through heavy metals and live drums thatsound perfectly as a rock number. The lyrical lines centers upon ayoung man’s quest of himself just as the title signify ‘Who Am I?’ Itmay take some more time for the song to get its hold upon thelisteners. The reason is because the instrumentals sound louder,thereby eclipsing the clarity of lyrics. Perhaps, if the essence ofsong is perceived clearly by listeners, it’s sure to make its way ontop of charts. It sounds like the song is about a character confused todecide between his dreams and outside influences.
No Money. No Honey
Vocals: Silambarasan, Andrea, Srikanth Deva
Lyrics: Na. Muthukuma

A time-worn song that speaks about ‘Role of Money’ in everyone’slife and it’s an unstrained effort from entire team. Years back, wehave come across a similar song titled ‘Chenna Pattanam’ from the film‘Allithantha Vaanam’. Simbhu and Yuvan have picked a part of tune from‘Nalam Thaana’ (Silambattam). With the song involving Simbhu, Anushka,Santhanam and producer Ganesh, we can expect that the song will gainmore attraction with the visuals. Andrea steps out of her usual patternof crooning melodious numbers and experiments with a fast-Kuthu number.
Verdict:‘Vaanam’ can be regarded as one of the Yuvan’s better composition andit is sure to make high waves now. While ‘Evandi Unna Pethan’, ‘Vaanam’and ‘Who Am I’ touches the surpassing degrees on different styles,‘Cable Raja’ and ‘No Money’ caters to the tastes of mass audiences.