Simbu opens up on ‘Vettai Mannan’ teaser

When Simbu’s forthcoming ‘Vettai Mannan’ teaser got out, although fans and film patrons were pleased with the slick trailer and Simbu’s suave look, there was something bothering all fans. The tunes in the teaser reminded one of the interludes from ‘RocknRolla’ by Guy Ritchie, a British crime thriller that released a few years back.The tunes for ‘Vettai Mannan’ are scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the megaphone for this film is wielded by Nelson. Simbu shares screen space with Deeksha Seth and Jai plays a pivotal role in this film. The team is currently in Brazil canning few important scenes and songs.
 With many people talking about this track being ‘lifted’ from ‘RocknRolla’, Simbu spoke to his fans and expressed that the teaser isn’t the final version and the track in it isn’t by Yuvan Shankar Raja! He also added that the teaser got leaked! We wonder what went wrong here…
         However, Simbu assured that the final version of the teaser will be released to fans, shortly.  Click Here to watch the teaser of ‘Vettai Mannan’.