Vettai Mannan is a Gangster Flick

Vettai Mannan is a gangster flick with a fantasy spin – Nelson

All good directors have two skills in common — the ability to come up with a gripping story, and transferring their ideas to screen in exactly the same fashion they conceived them. Director Nelson, who is making his debut in Tamil cinema, claims he has managed both in Simbu’s next film Vettai Mannan. 

“Vettai Mannan is a gangster flick told in a particular mood. The good thing is that until now we’ve been able to make the film in precisely the manner we wanted it,” says Nelson. “Simbu plays a person who appears to be a villain, but ends up being the hero. It’s a fantasy film not a regular gangster flick. A gangster’s life is at stake always and he’s under pressure. 

My film deals with a completely different aspect of his life,” says Nelson, a Visual Communication graduate, who was into television for almost six years before deciding to make a film. “Simbu was my classmate in Santhome High School. We weren’t even close then. It was only later when we bumped into each other at a show that we got to know each other better. I worked with him in Vallavan after college, and then I got into television. However, I always had this idea to make a film. Simbu had liked the idea even then, and had suggested that I work on it. When I finally finished the script, he was impressed. It is a big-budget film, and Nic Arts Chakravarthy has boldly backed the plan.” 

 The film, almost 50 per cent of which is over, is expected to release this August and will feature three heroines. “Deeksha Seth and Hansika Motwani have been finalised. We are on the lookout for a third person for a cameo. It may be played by a foreigner. 

Deeksha plays a girl next-door while Hansika plays a gangster,” says Nelson. The youngster seems to have adapted himself to his new work environment well. Get him to compare the working styles of both industries, and he signs off saying: “While working for television, deadlines were sacrosanct. No matter what happened, the show had to go on and therefore, there was little time or scope to experiment. In films, the focus is on the output and not so much on time. You will have to beat your dreams into reality and not rest until you get what you intended to.” 

 Fight sequence in Brazil? 

 “We intend to shoot a fight sequence abroad. As of now, we are looking at shooting it in Brazil. We are exploring the feasibility of the whole process. We also intend to hire Hollywood technicians and equipment for this sequence,” Nelson says. They may also consider using Capoeira, the ancient martial art form of Brazil, in the sequence.

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Hansika Few words about Vettai Mannan

I’m wrapping up Vettai Mannan, in which I play a gangster. I had my doubts initially, playing this girl who doesn’t smile, joke or laugh, and is forever holding a loaded gun. But, that’s the challenge. On the first day of the shoot, I had to shoot a guy. I was pointing my pistol on someone, and I was also being held at gun-point. I literally had a blast shooting for it!

Source : Chennai Times

This Deepavali will be special for STR

STR who is presently working in Nelson’s Vettai Mannan with Jai, Hansika Motwani and Deeksha Seth, recently signed another film titled Vaalu, directed by newbie Vijay. Santhanam is also expected to do an important role in the film. The film will be produced by Nic Arts and Thaman will once again join STR to delight their fans. The film’s crew is very positive about releasing the film for Deepavali and expects that it will be a special treat for his fans.

The film’s camera man, Sakthi is also handling the camera for Vettai Mannan and STR’s Love Anthem. The news is that he has used the Red Epic 5K camera for STR’s much anticipated album.

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Deeksha Seth joins STR

The Vettai Mannan crew was spotted shooting in Pattinapakkam quarters yesterday. Deeksha Seth joined them for a two day schedule. Jai, who is also a part of the film’s cast list, was present at the location. The buzz is that STR, Deeksha and Jai are presently shooting a talkie sequence for the film. We also hear that actor Jai has shaped up his physique to make himself look rough and tough.
The film being produced by NIC Arts, introduces Nelson as its director. The film also features Hansika Motwani and Poonam Kaur in lead roles. Cinematographer Sakthi handles the camera. Yuvan will score the music for the film.

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Vettai Mannan Shooting Spot

Here Some of the Photos taken in Vettai Mannan Shooting Spot.

Vettai Mannan is an upcoming Tamil action film written and directed by debutante director Nelson. The film will feature Str, Jai, Hansika Motwani, Deeksha Seth and Poonam Kaur Starring lead roles. It is produced by S.S.Chakravarthy and features background score and soundtrack composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film is expected to be made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi simultaneously, while casting is still undergoing, with the film expected to release in this year.

"I Don’t Need to be Politically Correct" – STR


..and if you don’t like him because of that, it’s OK, Says actor Simbu

He’s been missing from Chennai’s social circuit for quite a while now. But now, he’s back on the sets and is currently in the city and shooting for his upcoming Vettai Mannan. In a freewheeling chat, Simbu gets chatting about his recent US trip, how his movies are shaping up and being controversy’s favourite child.

You had disappeared from Chennai the last few months…

I was in the US completing work on my Love Anthem. Due to the great response on the initial release and based on suggestions, I’ve decided to flesh it out into a full album that will consist of about six to nine songs. I’ll be composing a few numbers and Yuvan will compose a couple of them. I sat on a lot of meetings with music producers, international artist coordinators and musicians and understood the working style in the US. I spoke with a few international artists as well. However, as we have not inked the deal with them yet, I cannot reveal the names right now.

Did the Love Anthem take shape much before Kolaveri happened?

I was always thinking on the lines of an international number and was mulling about ideas that unite the entire world. That’s how the Love Anthem came up. We were actually planning to finish the entire song and then release it, but a lot of other people are thinking on similar themes as well. For instance, there was Aska Laska which also had the word ‘love’ in several languages. So, we cut a condensed version and released it and will soon be out with the entire number.

How was your trip otherwise?

It helped me introspect quite a lot. When you’re in Chennai, you’re always thinking about the day’s work and once that’s done, you tend to think about what’s happening the next day. A break like this helped me immensely — it helped me understand a lot of stuff, analyse the kind of cinema I was doing and put things in perspective.

You’re controversy’s favourite child

I do understand that when you’re a star, what you say matters a lot. The media is sometimes nice to me and sometimes not so nice. But, I want to be true to myself. I don’t feel the need to be politically correct. I’m open and straightforward most of the time and voice out what I feel about things. If you think ill about me for that, it’s OK — I’m happy that I’ve been true to myself.

Some people try to run you down…

I don’t bother about them. My priority is with my fans and audiences. I respect the fans and well-wishers who have made me what I am and who continue to support me even today. ‘I DON’T NEED TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT’

Reports state that your film shootings were stalled because you took off…

The whole industry was in a standstill in the last couple of months due to the strike! I’ve kept my producers posted about my whereabouts and there were no issues with regards to my film shoots during this time.

Podaa Podi, Vettai Mannan and Vada Chennai…

Four songs remain to be shot in Podaa Podi; we’re leaving for Macau in April to commence work on that. Otherwise, the entire talkie portion is complete. As for Vettai Mannan, we’re almost done with the first half of the film and will soon move to Brazil, where most of the second half takes place. It’ll be an action-oriented story that is told in a lighter vein. After these two films, I’ll be doing Vada Chennai with director Vetri Maaran. 

Source : CHENNAI TIMES [March 17, 2012]

‘Vettai Mannan’ satellite rights By Suntv network

STR is back to Chennai and how! The actor’s high voltage gangster flick ‘Vettai Mannan’ is garnering great expectations and the latest is that the film’s satellite rights have been snapped for a record price of 6 whooping crores!
Although it hasn’t been confirmed of which television channel has bagged the rights, sources in the industry express that the Sun TV has bagged this film’s satellite rights for 6 crore rupees.
This is the highest ever for a STR starrer, beating his earlier record of Rs 5 crore for ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya’ and Rs 5.5 crore for ‘Osthi’. This means there’s a rapid increase in the satellite rights of STR’s films meaning he’s now considered a bankable star by TV channels and there’s a bigger small screen market for him.
STR has been running from pillar to post for the recording of his pet project, a music album titled ‘Love Anthem For World Peace and after two months of work in it he’s back to Chennai and immediately started work on ‘Vettai Mannan’ and some comic sequences featuring him and VTV Ganesh have been canned. Scenes featuring him and Hansika will be shot today.
The movie is directed by debutant Nelson and has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja who has delivered several hits with Simbu aka STR in the past.
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