A Love Anthem for the World !!!! ♥ STR

STR stated : 
           “According to few people, World is gonna end in 2012. Yes, may be it’ll end, coz of the drought of Love. Split up by the barriers called Languages, we fail to converse Love. Thus a step, a scream, a stride in breaking the barriers, a stride uniting 96 Languages and millions of people to build a un breakable bond. For World Peace, a small contribution from an INDIAN… Coming Soon – A Love Anthem for the World !!!! ♥”
Yes.  STR has secretly conceptualised a peace anthem. 

The lyrics of the song which are drawn from 96 languages from around the world is said to be his Christmas message to his global fans. He is flying to  US to record it with none other than Akon and Rihanna.
  Click here to listen to the audio teaser uploaded by The Hero himself.
Love (Dashuri) Albanian
outside (salla) Finish
Lives (Lifa) Icelanish
Girl (laska) Polish

The world Love Anthem – Str (audio teaser) by Str Simbu


Arabic: حُب
Chinese: 喜爱
Czech: láska
Danish: kærlighed
Dutch: liefde
Estonian: armastus
Finnish: rakkaus
French: amour
German: die Liebe
Greek: αγάπη
Hungarian: szeretet
Icelandic: ást
Indonesian: sayang
Italian: amore
Japanese: 愛
Korean: 애정
Latvian: mīlestība
Lithuanian: meilė
Norwegian: kjærlighet
Polish: zamiłowanie
Portuguese: amor
Romanian: dragoste
Russian: любовь
Slovak: láska
Slovenian: ljubezen
Spanish: amor
Swedish: kärlek
Turkish: aşk

Ultimately it is the STR FANS who are on CLOUD NINE

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